The 11th Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems

Genoa -  Italy,  September 4-5, 2017
Information Systems as Catalyst for the alignment of
Business Sustainability with Quality of Life

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Conference Tracks

MCIS 2017 welcomes your submissions of completed research and research in progress to the following conference tracks:

Conference Program

Paper Submission

Submission Types
  • Research Papers are full-length papers (up to 12 pages, excluding references).
  • Research-in-Progress papers are promising but incomplete research projects that will benefit from the feedback of other MCIS participants (up to 7 pages, excluding references).
  • Panel Proposals (up to 3 pages).
Submited  papers must conform to the  "MCIS2017 template"
MCIS is an inclusive conference. This means that we provide constructive feedback to authors, so that they can improve their work. Given the timeline, there will be very little opportunity for authors to revise their papers. So, the policy is that we can accept papers if they have interesting research/research-in-progress to share, even if they have shortcomings. We have more flexibility to accept research-in-progress papers. Research papers that are weak but would benefit from feedback from the conference can be conditionally accepted as research-in-progress. Papers with major shortcomings will of course be rejected. All accepted papers will be included in the conference proceedings, but only completed research papers will be included in the AIS e-library. This will ensure the conference maintains its good reputation while remaining inclusive. If in doubt, feel free to consult with us.
Track 16 - General track: submissions that do not fit in one of the themes above may be submitted in the general track of the conference, that will be managed by the program chairs.
The proceedings will be provided to all participants on a USB stick during the conference, and will also be available online in the AIS Library.